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Circular Media Player 0.9.4

+New search modes: album, similar tracks (and quick access by right click->search-> album or similar tracks)

+multiple select on tables! so drag the down (or over an existing node)

+show loading dots when waiting for a network reply

+when hovering, draw a background over node text (improves readability)

+right click -> search on google (useful! ๐Ÿ™‚ )




Circular Media Player 0.9.3

+Shuffle mode (plays forever a random track that exists in the windowโ€ฆ getting related automatically gets disabled) (options->shuffle)
+moving nodes changes.. reorder nodes on mouse release
+new options under options->preferences
+new svg image handling (better for theming)


Circular Media Player 0.9.1

#FIX: fixed for no auto selecting source, eve though sources were founded ( right click -> sources had sources)

+right click -> search artist top track, search tag top tracks: click and in the tab online the search will be made

+testing: new app icon, help-> about dialog

Circular Media Player 0.9

+save/load playlist under File menu (plus auto save when closing, so when opening the application remembers its previous state)

+keyboard shortcuts:
space for play/pause
โ€œ, .โ€ for next/prev (buttons which when shifted are areย  < >)
โ€œ+ or =โ€ and โ€œ-โ€ for zooming in and out (a must for laptops with no mouse wheel strip on the touchpad)

+better behavior on sources: now right click track -> sources can list multiple local sources, plus a descriptive header is added

Circular Media Player 0.8.5

New feature: albums!!!
Enqueue all tracks (or just one) from the same album

New default theme

Circular Media Player (testing 0.7) new default theme:

CaptureCircles new theme

Kinda cool

Kinda cool for a 20-days-old media player huh? ๐Ÿ˜€

Circular Media Player?

Still developing..


  • Local media library
  • Using data to get related tracks and queue them
  • Stream tracks over the internet (and queue similar again)


(Currently Windows only, soon for Mac too… Maybe later Linux!!)

This is how it looks right now: